Permacrete Inground Swimming Pools

Permacrete Pools

are available in almost any size rectangle, L's, Lazy L's, T's as well as Kidneys, Ovals, Mountain Lakes, Grand Lakes, Rolling Lakes, Lagoons and most any other shape or alteration of the mentioned shapes above. Our in-house CAD/CAM department can alter any pool configuration and provide you with layouts for your approval.

In addition to customizing your inground swimming pool shape, we can also enhance your in ground pool through the addition of poured steps (which enable you to get away from the look of the white plastic step units) and swim outs or benches. The latter being previously available only on gunite pools.

Permacrete In Ground Pool at Arthur Edwards, Miller Place, Long Island

Permacrete Pool: Our Permacrete Inground Swimming Pool system offers limitless possibilities. Permacrete is concrete, reinforced with three rows of steel rebar, poured into "forms". It is as strong or stronger then the foundation of your home.

The basic advantages are:
Permacrete is strong enough to act as a foundation for a home. It is one single, reinforced piece of concrete.
Design Flexibility
If you can conceive it, we can create it.
Low Maintenance
As a vinyl lined product, we can give you the free form designs, without the costly upkeep of gunite, which requires periodic marbledusting costing thousands of dollars.

Permacrete In Ground Pools at Arthur Edwards, Miller Place, Long Island

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