As homeowners we all know that one of the worst nightmares we all deal with are appointments with service companies where we are given a broad window about when the company is expected to arrive. Because all of us have things we have to do, we try to pin the company down to a narrower window. Although some companies try to be cooperative, most are unwilling to be flexible.The upshot of all this, is that the consumer either has to succumb to throwing away the entire day or he will not get the service. With that in mind, how refreshing it was to work with Arthur Edwards Spas and Pools, a company that appreciates their patrons and offers a narrow window, like from 8am to noon, and then on the day of the appointment they tell you exactly when they are going to arrive. Having just used Arthur Edwards today, they told me they would be here at about 9am, and at 9 o’clock they were already setting up to close the pool. Amazing!!!
As wonderful as all of this was, things got even better. So often, the serviceman that companies send out create more problems than they resolve. In the case of Arthur Edwards, nothing could be further from the truth. Joel and Alex did an impeccable job in laying out my new “state of the art” Loop Lock Cover on my 50,000+gallon free form pool. They finessed the cover, and made sure there were no open spaces between all of the massive natural boulders that form the pools border. This was no easy feat.
As an added bonus, Joel commended me on my choice of an excellent cover and on taking the pool down to a level that would serve me well when I reopened next year. Joel shared that I would be doing myself a favor to purchase one of those pumps that I attach a hose to and has built in sensor so I would be aware when water levels rise and I could draw them down What an invaluable tidbit of information!!!
If all of this were not enough, Joel and Alex brought all of the pool components into my home and neatly packed them away into storage. In so doing, they were as careful and as cautious as they might be if they were in their own homes. What a great experience!!!
Sincerely, Lawrence J. W.
Inground Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Saunas, Above Ground Pools, Miller Place, Long Island